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Is It Safe to Consume Reclaim?

Given its lack of combustion, dabbing is inevitably cleaner than smoking, but it’s not necessarily true that dabs and by extension reclaim are completely harmless. A 2017 study examined the formation of toxic byproducts produced when dabbing at normal temperatures. The researchers found that dabbing does produce toxic by-products as a result of the breakdown of terpenes like myrcene. The researchers focused on two substances, in particular, methacrolein and benzene. Benzene and methacrolein are both potent irritants which are found in areas with high levels of air pollution. Moreover, benzene is a known carcinogen and one of the chemicals which contributes to cancer in tobacco smokers.

The researchers found that dabbing at high temperatures (roughly 900 to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit) contains significant concentrations of both above-mentioned contaminants at levels higher than those known to cause problems. Given that your reclaim is made up of condensed dab vapor, it’s reasonable to assume that it could potentially give off some of these unfavorable chemicals when heated to high temperatures - that’s why low-temp dabbing is so important. The study didn’t look at other contaminants, but it’s likely that your vapor and reclaim contain more unpleasant surprises. Another study from 2017 found that 80% of dab samples contained residual pesticides or solvents. glass pipes under $5 If you want to use up your reclaim, it’s less likely to irritate your lungs if you make edibles or cannabis capsules. Additionally, on top of any risks from chemical contaminants, leaving organic material sitting in water over time has the potential to grow bacteria and fungus. Nobody wants to breathe or eat a bunch of bacteria and spores. If you want to ensure the safest experience, you shouldn’t leave your reclaim sitting for weeks before collecting it, regardless of how you use it.

Is Consuming Reclaim a Good Idea?

To sum up the science, right now we’re not completely sure about the safety of using your reclaim. Reclaim hasn’t been studied extensively and, in the absence of proper testing, we can’t be sure about exactly how it affects us. That being said, as long as your concentrates are quality and sourced from a trusted location, odds are you’ll be okay - just don’t consume reclaim that’s been sitting out for weeks in old rig water.

If you can’t get any dabs, reclaim could be a decent stand-in until you get your hands on the good stuff. However, despite what some cannabis pages say on this topic, reclaim might not be completely safe. While it’s not as strong - or as tasty - as fresh concentrate, it’s definitely going to get you high. If you’re already a regular smoker or dabber, you might think that’s worth the risk. However, that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself until scientists can clear things up.
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