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The Dallas Cowboys return to practice today f hopes are still flickering, but they really need a second win on the road. As they prepare, Jason Garrett addresses the media about all things Cowboys. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)What we learned from Atlanta in 2017Obviously the Cowboys had a rough time last time they visited Atlanta, and Jason Garrett had very little interest in re-visiting that loss. Wanted to talk more about learning today and preparing this team for the next game.Injury updates?Tavon Austin won’t practice today, Connor Williams will do something in individual drills, hopefully Taco Charlton can get going.Zack Martin won’t practice very much eitherThe Cowboys dodged a bullet when it came to Zack Martin’s injury in Philadelphia. While there are no definitive answers on his status moving forward Jason Garrett did say that hopefully as the week goes on he can do more and more work.Atlanta played “straight forward” defense last yearAsked whether or not the Cowboys faced something exotic in the Falcons last season Cheap Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , Jason Garrett said it was nothing special. He said they simply didn’t play well in that game and they need to do better this week.Julio Jones is a good football playerGarrett praised Jones and noted that he does so much well. He’s big, fast, physical, is an excellent route-runner. He can catch short passes and provide run after catch, and he can also go deep. Just a great all-round player. The best bet is to disrupt his rhythm. The Cowboys loved Calvin RidleyAnother former member of the Crimson Tide is fellow Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley. Jason Garrett acknowledged that the Cowboys loved him through the draft process and they anticipated his transition to be smooth into the NFL.Jones, Cooper and Ridley are different players from a physical perspectiveWhen asked about the three receivers from Alabama in the game, Jason Garrett noted that Julio Jones is the biggest of the three Bama receivers while saying that Amari Cooper is sort of the “medium” sized one of the bunch and Ridley is the smallest. What’s fascinating is that they all present different tools and skillsets while all hailing from the same school. Ezekiel Elliott is a beastGarrett gave props to Ezekiel Elliott for what he was able to do against the Philadelphia Eagles. Obviously Zeke was a big part of why the Cowboys were able to win on the road Youth Maliek Collins Jersey , and his utilization in the passing game is part of that. Jason Garrett also discussed how Zeke is able to help the Cowboys attack a defense in various was and that getting him the ball is a priority for them.Xavier Su’a-Filo did a great job in PhiladelphiaOne of the more underrated performances of last week for the Cowboys was what Xavier Su’a-Filo did starting at left guard. Jason Garrett also dished out compliments to Joe Looney and Adam Redmond for how they played, and it’s quite the testament to Marc Colombo that he was able to get things going with the interior of the Cowboys offensive line much different than many thought it would be back in the offseason.Zeke wants to be a great playerIt’s been a long time since Zeke’s suspension was discussed, but Garrett was asked how Zeke has played since coming back. He discussed how Zeke is very focused and wants to be a great player for the Cowboys, noting that everyone in life matures as they grow in their particular professions.The Cowboys benefit from the presence and support of their injured leadersTravis Frederick and Sean Lee are two examples of important Cowboys that are sidelined with injuries at the moment. Jason Garrett discussed how they do everything they can to contribute in their absence, a trait indicative of leaders.Who was that guy posing as Sean Lee in the Cowboys loss to Carolina? A curious thing happened during the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. There was a linebacker on the field for Dallas wearing #50, but that was the only resemblance he had to the player we know as Sean Lee. It was almost as if an undrafted rookie had kidnapped Lee, stolen his uniform and made his way onto the field. All kidding aside , this might have been the worst game any Cowboys fan has seen Sean Lee play.Before we go any further, let’s just state this - Sean Lee is a stud. He’s one of the best linebackers in the league. We don’t want to get things confused. Now that that is out of the way let’s speak plainly, Sean Lee had a horrendous night. He might have missed more tackles in this game than he has in his whole career combined. There were at least three times Lee has his hands on the ball carrier only to fail to bring him down. There were other times where he just whiffed. Like the time he read a swing pass to Christian McCaffrey and had him dead to rights in the backfield. Only McCaffrey easily lost him on his way to a long gain.McCaffrey is no easy tackle in space, but it’s something Lee does routinely. Not on this night. Lee also had a lot of trouble reading the read-option from the Panthers, getting caught up inside in the wash, as Cam Newton casually scooted around the edge. Those were not always his assignment, but he’s the one usually covering for other people if they lose their assignment , tonight he just didn’t have his normal spidey senses.For the game, he was the Cowboys seventh-leading tackler. Seventh! It’s rare that he ends up out of the top three, let alone that far down the totem pole. The Cowboys were fortunate that the rest of the defense held together, keeping the opposition to 16 points while getting very little help from their offense. Normally if Lee had a game like this, you would have thought the Cowboys would give up 40 points, but the Panthers aren’t exactly an offensive juggernaut.Until proven otherwise, we can chalk this up to a blip on the radar , a one-time thing where Lee just wasn’t ready to play. Next week, we’d expect the General to be back to his sure-tackling, play-reading ways. For one night, though, we got to see what it would be like if drafting Sean Lee had actually been a bust pick. Thanks goodness it wasn’t. 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