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Carson and right guard D.J. Fluker on Sunday Authentic Ramik Wilson Jersey , but it hasn’t diminished the effectiveness of their running attack.Seattle put up 134 yards on 15 attempts that included the first touchdown of first-round pick Rashaad Penny‘s NFL career. Penny’s score put the Seahawks up 14-7 in the first quarter, but things haven’t gone as well for the Seahawks since that point.The Rams kicked a field goal on their next possession and Todd Gurley scored a touchdown for the 13th straight game later in the second quarter to put the Rams up 17-14 at halftime. Outside of scoring a touchdown, Gurley was held in check by the Saints last week but he put up 100 total yards to go with his ninth career touchdown against the Seahawks.Defensive tackle Aaron Donald also enjoys playing against Seattle. He had two sacks and has now sacked Russell Wilson 10 times over the course of his career. He’s up to 12 sacks on the year Youth Cooper Kupp Jersey , which is a career high that Donald seems likely to pad over the next six and a half games. Los Angeles Rams: Chicago Bears aren’t as scary in playoffs | FanSidedIn the “freezing cold take” department, once again we have a few paragraphs of genius from the boys over at FanSided. It is my duty to send you there from time to time so you appreciate the majesty that is TST. Enjoy.Rams rushed the passer better than any other defense | Pro Football TalkPressures are great. Sacks are better. Just ask 3k! Maybe the Rams will convert one into the other with a little more regularity during the postseason. Sean McVay hints that Zac Taylor could be promoted within Rams | Larry Brown SportsAs interest in Rams QB coach Zac Taylor heats up, Sean McVay mentions he’d like to find a way to keep him around. Let’s hope so. The more knowledge we can keep in the building , the better.Sean McVay reacts to Rams coaches getting interviewed | 247 SportsMore on Zac Taylor and Shane Waldron as they make their way through the NFL interview circuit. Quotes & Notes 1/3: Donald on if he Prefers Trubisky, Prescott, or Wilson: “It don’t matter.” | Rams OfficialAll three potential divisional round QBs present some unique challenges for the Rams. Aaron Donald will certainly return the favor to all.Todd Gurley: “I’m feeling better. I’m feeling good this week.” | Rams OfficialSounds like we’ll have the healthiest version of Todd Gurley we’ve seen in quite some time next weekend. Hallelujah!Goff Samson Ebukam Jersey , Rams return to playoffs with experience, determination | Associated PressHopefully, the Rams will summon the lessons they learned from last year’s painful loss to the Falcons a year ago.Los Angeles Rams WR Isaac Bruce named Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist | Turf Show TimesIt’s an impressive list of HOF finalists this year — one which includes our very own Isaac Bruce.Rams’ 3 possible divisional-round opponents all have two things in common | RamsWireSpoiler Alert: all three play good D and run the football. We’ll be ready.Why Rams fans should be rooting for the Eagles this weekend | RamsWireI’m all about the Eagles winning Authentic Austin Blythe Jersey , too. I’m not buying this revenge fantasy some of you have re: let’s beat the Bears. I’d LOVE TO, but would much rather face the Seahawks or Cowboys, given my druthers.
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