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 Betreff des Beitrags: The Los Angeles Rams are taking on the Green
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Bay Packers in Week 8. So for the first time in 40 years Womens Rodger Saffold Jersey , the Pack comes to the Coliseum.So to get a better understanding of what we’re facing, I linked up with Jason Hirschhorn from Acme Packing Company, the SB Nation community for Packers fans.So obviously with Aaron Rodgers, the Packers continue to have one of the best passing attacks in the NFL. But despite being fourth in passing yards per game, they are only 16th in points scored per. In fact, they are the lowest scoring team of the top nine passing attacks. And what’s really interesting is that according to Football Outsiders, they have the lowest variance of any team in the NFL meaning they’ve had the most consistent offensive outputs. What’s contributing to the lack of points?On defense, it’s a bit of the same story. Success in yards. Struggling in points. Of course on this side , it means the Packers are clamping down on yards allowed (8th in total yards allowed per game, 5th in passing yards) but still allowing too many points. Of the top 14 teams in yards allowed per game, they are 13th in that group in points allowed. Good sir...explain!The 2017 season gave us our first look at a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers for a large stretch since 2013. Neither of those went all that well in his absence, understandably. How worried are you about Rodgers’ knee not being 100% knowing how much rides on his availability first and foremost?I saw a piece today that showed the Packers have the third-fewest starters on their roster from the 2015, 2016 and 2017 drafts. How far do you think the lack of developed talent from that stretch has set the team back and how is the rookie class coming together in Brian Gutekunst’s first season as GM?Since Mike McCarthy was made head coach in 2006, the Packers have made the playoffs nine times in those 12 seasons (for reference, the Rams made it...not once until last season). The Packers aren’t used to missing out on things in January, and a coaching change has already been considered. What would be the threshold that would result in his ouster? Would it simply be a losing record and missing out on the playoffs for a second year? Would it have to be demonstrably worse than that for him to get fired after so much success?Thanks to Hirsch for the time. Of all the records the Chiefs would rather not own , one that they set last night was the kind which may not be broken for a long time.According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Chiefs became the first team to score more than 50 points in a game and lose.Teams scoring 50 were 216-0 entering the game, which means they’re now 217-1 after the Rams’ 54-51 triumph.The Chiefs’ 51 in the loss eclipsed the previous record set by Eli Manning and the 2015 Giants (in a 52-49 loss to the Saints) and George Blanda and the 1963 Oilers (in a 52-49 loss to the Raiders).Manning, like Patrick Mahomes last night, threw six touchdowns in his loss (Blanda, the slacker, only had five, though he did kick seven extra points).That made us curious to crawl down the rabbit hole to see how many quarterbacks did so much for so little Youth Aqib Talib Jersey , and according to the handy search tool, Mahomes became the fifth quarterback to throw six touchdowns and lose, joining Charley Johnson (1969), Manning (2015), Dan Marino (1986), and Carson Palmer (2007).
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