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to award Steve Gleason the Congressional Gold Medal Alvin Kamara Jersey Salute to Service , the highest honor Congress can bestow on a civilian, NFL Media reports.The U.S. Senate unanimously endorsed the award, with President Trump expected to sign the legislation into law soon for Gleason to receive his Congressional Gold Medal next year. No current or former NFL player ever has won the award.The former Saints defensive back’s battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis has raised awareness of ALS as well as money for research of the disease. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, which Gleason helped organize and publicize, led to more than $100 million in donations.“Through his work to help others who are disabled, Steve Gleason has changed so many lives for the better,” Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said in a statement Thursday. “As more members of Congress heard about Steve’s work, the support for this bill only grew. Steve is a hero to many, and I’m proud we got this done to honor a great American.”Roberto Clemente Authentic Tommylee Lewis Jersey , Jackie Robinson, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and the 1980 U.S. Summer Olympic Team are among the athletes previously honored. Before today’s games, the Seahawks were on the outside looking in in the NFC playoff race. Not anymore.The Seahawks got a dominant win over the 49ers today, while other NFC contenders stumbled, and now Seattle is the top wild card team, through their 12th game of the season.A big Monday night game between Washington and Philadelphia still looms, but here’s how the playoff picture looks after Sunday’s games:1. Rams (11-1): They have an easy schedule the rest of the way and a good chance of finishing ahead of the Saints in the standings.2. Saints (10-2): Still the favorites to earn a bye week Tre'Quan Smith Jersey , but now they have an uphill climb to home-field advantage.3. Bears (8-4): The inside track to the No. 3 seed, but the loss to the Giants hurt.4. Cowboys (7-5): All alone in first place in the NFC East, before the Washington-Philadelphia game on Monday night.5. Seahawks (7-5): The Seahawks are looking like a likely playoff team, in a season some saw as a rebuilding year.6. Washington (6-5): A big game with Philadelphia looms.7. Vikings (6-5-1): At Seattle next week looks like a must-win.8. Panthers (6-6): Carolina is in a tailspin.9. Eagles (5-6): A big game with Washington looms.10. Buccaneers (5-7): Jameis Winston is finally playing well, but is it too late to save Dirk Koetter’s job?11. Packers (4-7-1): Another loss cost Mike McCarthy his job.12. Falcons (4-8): This season has been a major disappointment.13. Giants (4-8): Playing better, but still stuck in last place in the NFC East.14. Lions (4-8): Matt Patricia has already lost more games this year than Jim Caldwell lost in either of the last two years.15. Cardinals (3-9): Showed some progress by winning in Green Bay.16. 49ers (2-10): The worst team in the NFC. Custom Houston Texans Jerseys
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