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half of Sunday’s game against the Vikings , but it’s hard to imagine anyone in Buffalo getting too upset about that development.They scored the first 27 points of the game, led 27-0 at halftime and cruised to a 27-6 win for the most surprising result of Week Three. The Bills had been handled with little sweat by the Ravens and Chargers in the first two weeks of the season and were 16.5-point underdogs in a road game against the Vikings, but they opened the game strong and never turned back.Josh Allen ran for a 10-yard touchdown to open the game, added a sneak for another and threw a touchdown pass to Jason Croom while the more heralded Kirk Cousins lost a pair of fumbles in the first quarter. The Vikings offense didn’t cross midfield until the second half and didn’t get on the scoreboard until there were under three minutes left to play in the game.The performance, which came without the injured running back Dalvin Cook and defensive end Everson Griffen, will lead to questions about the Vikings’ readiness. In particular, they’ll be asked if they overlooked the Bills in favor of focusing on their Week Four Thursday night game against the Rams.If they were looking past the Bills, they paid for it because Buffalo came ready to play and put together the kind of performance that will make for a happier week as they prepare for another road game in Green Bay.Buffalo Bills injury update: AJ McCarron back, Julian Stanford out The Buffalo Bills have avoided most major injuries this offseason, even after a scare following the second preseason game when they believed quarterback AJ McCarron broken his collarbone. McCarron’s return highlights the injury report from head coach Sean McDermott on Monday.According to McDermott , McCarron was healthy enough to be the emergency quarterback on Sunday. He mentioned the lack of practice as the reason the veteran didn’t see the field. Coach continued saying McCarron was “good to go” moving forward.“Look, he’s been going through some treatment and coming off the injury still, guys, but he’s sore,” said McDermott when pressed. “That’s what happens in the game; you get sore. Is sore 100 percent? That’s, I guess, in the eyes of the beholder at that point. He was coming off of an injury there, so who is 100 percent, right, at this point in camp?”The only new injury to come from Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals was a nose injury to backup linebacker Julian Stanford , who is week-to-week with a nose injury. Stanford had been pushing for a roster spot as a special teamer and reserve linebacker.“We’re still gathering information right now, so we’re a little bit early on that. Other than that, no real changes in the other injuries that you knew going into the game,” added McDermott.Veteran defensive tackle Kyle Williams and defensive end Trent Murphy worked with the rest of the team in individual drills Monday, but it was such a light practice no one had helmets. That makes it tough to tell how ready they are and both will be held out of Thursday’s preseason finale.The same can probably be said for tackle Dion Dawkins and running back LeSean McCoy, who both missed the game on Sunday. With roster spots locked up, they won’t see the field.The Bills have an off day Tuesday followed by a travel day Wednesday, so we won’t get an injury update until after the game against the Chicago Bears.
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