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 Betreff des Beitrags: There was plenty to like about the Patriots' defensive
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performance in the first half of their 38-24 victory over the Colts on Thursday night.The second half brought just as much to be concerned about.New England's gaps on the defensive side of the ball were both noticeable and troubling as the Patriots opened 1-2. The lack of a sustained pass rush combined with missed assignments in the secondary helped opponents average 26 points in the three games.The defense rebounded to give up just seven points in a 38-7 win over Miami , in which it forced a turnover and held the Dolphins to just 172 total yards.The Patriots were off to a similar start against the Colts on Thursday night, holding them to just three points in the first half and intercepting quarterback Andrew Luck.But the bad habits that befell the defense during the losing streak came back in the final 30 minutes as Indianapolis got within seven points following a pair of touchdown passes from Luck. Indianapolis finished the game with 439 total yards, the third team this season to eclipse 400 yards against New England.Linebacker coach Brian Flores said it is proof there's still room for improvement with a visit from Kansas City and quarterback Patrick Mahomes up next. Mahomes is the hottest quarterback in the NFL, throwing for 14 touchdowns and no interceptions in the unbeaten Chiefs' first four games."We want to be a tough, aggressive, fast team. There's always room for improvement in those areas," said Flores, who is handling play calling duties for the Patriots this season. "I think it's something we talk about every day. It's something we harp on. We want the guys to play fast. We want them to play free. We want them to play aggressive."I think we've gotten that at a more consistent level, but I think we're always looking for more."Injuries have been an issue for the defense this season, though it is getting close to full strength.Defensive end Trey Flowers and safety Patrick Chung both sat out Week 3 with concussions before returning against the Dolphins. Both combined on a sack against Indianapolis. Chung finished with 11 combined tackles and also had an interception.He said the next step for this group is finding consistency."That is huge; inconsistency is the worst thing you can have in football. We need to continue to be consistent Darius Leonard Jersey , continue to play hard and execute," Chung said.That includes forcing turnovers. The defense had a season-high three against Indianapolis."Our job is to get the offense the ball; we were able to do that today and had a couple of big plays," Chung said. "Hopefully we are able to keep doing that."The turnovers were also a welcomed sign to coach Bill Belichick."I think defensively you take a lot of pride in those," he said. "That's really taking the ball away from the offense as opposed to them just giving it to you. We had a couple of plays like that. We had a couple of other opportunities that we didn't capitalize on, but it's always good when you take the ball away from the offense."Indianapolis Colts by the Numbers: Week 4 Defensive Stats Every week, I will present a summary of some basic and advanced stats for the Colts performance relative to the league. Thanks to Pro Football Reference, and the nflSCrapR project for being awesome sources of weekly data.It’s been 4 weeks and I’m still not sure what this defense is.DVOA has the Colts D ranked 10th, which seems high to me, but not ridiculously so.Maybe I’m just being stubborn, but even if the “true” ranking is just average Authentic Braden Smith Jersey , that’s a hell of a lot more than I expected in August. Against the Texans, the defense ended up surrendering 37 points but 6 of that was in OT,7 was from a Texans defensive score, and another 7 was off of a micro-field gifted by another Colts turnover deep in their own territory. The point is that the defense played well enough to win this game. As always, I look to DSR first and a mark of 75% is indicative of giving a way a lot of movement up and down the field. If I remove overtime, then it falls to about 71% which is better than last week and also precisely what the Colts offense put up this week (and why DSR is an awesome stat: tie in DSR, go to OT).One driver of that slightly improved performance is that the Colts defense only gave away one first down on penalties. That was the Achilles heel against the Eagles that caused the “bend” to “break”.Last week, I wrote that I didn’t think 5 sacks and 2 turnovers was repeatable and since the defense notched 7 sacks and 1 turnover I guess I was technically right . . . but not really.TEAM TOTALThe defense gave up a lot of 1st downs (35% of plays)and let Houston convert 3rd downs at a 50% clip.Given that Indy forced Houston into an average 8.1 yards to gain on third, that should have been a lot lower. That is where you keep the “bend” from breaking.PASSINGHouston’s aDOT of 7.2 isn’t that long, so they weren’t really stretching the field Youth Malik Hooker Jersey , but their air yards per completion of 7.6 is longer, which is unusual. It means they completed long passes at a higher rate than short ones.Not sure what to make of that because this defense is supposed to experience the opposite. After the catch, the Colts limited the Texans to 5.4 YAC which ranks 12th for the week and something they have been good at all season. RUSHINGWhile the Colts surrendered 119 rush yards, they were stingy from an efficiency perspective. Only 6 of Houston’s 35 carries resulted in first downs. Often, that is a sign of a team running out the clock but that wasn’t the case here.The Colts did let Houston go 3 for 3 on rushing third down conversions but overall, less than 1 in 3 Texan runs were successful and weighted success rate ranks that as 4th best this week. CONCLUSIONAll the numbers point to Indy having an average to good defense, which is hard for me to believe, but there it is.If the offense can stay on the field and stop turning the ball over in opponent territory, the D may be able to shine a little brighter. SEASON TOTALS (per game)
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