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SINOMACH Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
ZYS Rail Transportation Bearings Catalogs
1、About ZYS
2、Driving System Bearings
2.1 Traction Motor Bearings
2.2 Gearbox Bearings
3、Axle Box Bearings
3.1、Axle Box Bearings for High-speed Railway Vehicle
3.2、Axle Box Bearings for accelerated train
3.3、Axle Box Bearings for Diesel and Electric Locomotive
3.4、Axle Box Bearings for Metro and Urban Rail Vehicle
4、Inspection and Testing enter
5、Quality Control relevant system
6、Bearing Technology Service
1 About ZYS
To Lead the Science and Technology of Bearing Industry
To improve the World’s Equipment Level
As a technical department serving bearing industry, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute has rich experience and plentiful scientific payoffs in the study of basic theory and application technology of rolling bearing, design and application of various special and general bearings. The institute had undertaken a batch of projects such as “CAD of General Bearings”, “Design of Key Bearings for Medium to Large-scale Wind Turbine Generator Set”, “Research and Industrialization Engineering of Vibration and Noise Reduction in Deep Groove Ball Bearing”,
“FEA of Convexity of Tapered Roller Bearing”, “Study of Life Extension Technology for Front Hub Bearing of SANTANA”, “FEA of Tapered Roller Bearings for Cargo Train” , which are all national, provincial and industrial key scientific and technological projects, that constitute to batch of important technological achievements. In products respect,ZYS did comprehensive and systematical research into automobile hub bearing, clutch release bearing, constant velocity joints, gearbox bearing, motor bearing, air conditioner bearing. ZYS also carried out unified optimization design and theoretical analysis of general bearing, like optimization design of general bearings, simulation design of tapered roller bearing, etc., and bearing performance simulation, CAD/CAE/CAPP of bearing, assessment software for bearing vibration and noise, simulation analysis of bearing sealing performance, research on bearing life and reliability, development of CAD system for aviation engine main shaft bearing, development of CAD system for rolling mill bearing, bearing kinematics and quasi-dynamic analysis were conducted simultaneously, which all laid a reliable research foundation for our project. Meanwhile, as a national comprehensive institute, it also has some technical advantages in the field of bearing inspection, performance and life experiment, development of specialized instrument equipment and high-precision special bearing.
To enhance the reliability of bearing design, simulation analysis and optimization design of bearing’s structure were made by large CAE analysis software such as ANSYS, Marc and etc. Recently. These modern methods of design and analysis create good conditions for the implement of our project.
Our company focuses on the research and development of bearing for rail transportation for a long time, which allow us to satisfy creasing demand of high speed, heavy load and high reliability for rail transportation. In terms of bearing design theory, design mechanics inspection and test, etc., We have carried out in-depth and systematic studies: a number of key technologies were broke through, and products with reliable quality and superior performance were developed.
2 Driving System Bearings
For modern railway vehicles, the comfort, low-noise, and performance are economically integrated. The Rolling bearings used for gearbox and traction motor designed and manufactured by the rail bearing division of our company offers special solutions for driving system bearings based on the application requirements of locomotive, bullet train, light rail.

2.1 Traction Motor Bearings
Rolling bearings for traction motor must satisfy the challenging demand of high running reliability and long working life. According to the actual requirements, our company can make special design by adopting customization design concept. Based on the advanced processing technology and perfect quality assurance system we can provide precisely designed and manufactured products with excellent performance and high reliability.
Cylindrical roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing are usually used in traction motor. Single-row cylindrical roller bearing beats other ordinary bearing since it is very easy to separate inner ring from roller, cage and outer ring assembly, which optimize installation, disassembly, maintenance and inspection. Cylindrical roller bearing features for carrying high radial load, NJ and NUP type cylindrical roller bearing can also bear some axial force, and edge stress can be avoided by re-corrected line contact between rolling element and raceway. Their calculated life span can reach 2 million kilometers by special designs as follows:
Special design of cage, which improves bearing’s friction and running performance.
Optimization design of bearing’s inner structure , in order to enhance its loading capacity and reducing its friction moment
Optimization of design accuracy and internal clearance
Effective insulation
Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in railway high speed train bearing since 1958, and we are known as one of the leading bearing manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and excellent services. Please rest assured to buy the good products from our factory.Railway Bearing factory
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