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First of all, I want to talk about reading from the generation of reading behavior, which may explain why there is a group of people who love books no matter what kind of social environment. The basic motivation of human reading behavior and scientists' exploration of the universe and children's questions is the same Newport Carton, that is, the desire to explore the unknown world, that is, the desire for knowledge. Knowledge is an instinct of human beings, so even under the impact of utilitarianism and commercial literature, reading still shows its tenacious vitality and great charm. While reading is driven by curiosity, the most profound and valuable thing it brings us is how to teach us how to think independently. Of course, independent thinking is also the quality we should have when reading. If there are people in the clouds, there will be no more than a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand readers. The human mind will not progress, and a great civilization will not be born. Independent thinking can lead us to break through the limitations inherent in the current education system or judging standards, and to find our own value in a higher and broader place. Obviously this is neglected by our current education, but it is precisely the purpose of true education. Why do people make people? It is really difficult to answer the questions that the creators of this age have explored. Maybe there is no answer at all, maybe the answer is endless. But we can try to ask ourselves: What can make me focus, what can make me endure enthusiasm and endless efforts? No matter what the answer is, grand or humble, I think that is the most sacred cause of our life. Then let's talk about some of my thought-provoking experiences. It��s no longer known about this love. I only remember that when I was in elementary school and junior high school, I would sleep with a book every night. Nowadays, in the state of intense preparations, it is obvious that the subtle feelings of the past readings can not be depicted Newport Cigarettes Types, but the rational thinking left by reading is not rich and beautiful because of the change of time and space. Because the history of the text is the history of the human mind, you can travel through hundreds of lifes and cross the space and time to collide with the soul behind the words. Imagine a person who lives in a different era and in a different society and shows you a different kind of world. He (she) can inadvertently unravel the doubts in your heart, or his thoughts and your views quietly It fits... how wonderful it is! It is not difficult to understand that Mr. Wu Liu��s reading ��willingly forgotten every time there is a will.��y of the earth to live and work in peace and contentment, and do everything they need to produce themselves. When the world becomes a little bit like what we want, we learn to write and leave history. The school and the library laid the foundation for the human knowledge era, and the human civilization dedicated to the earth's many magnificent gifts. The history of the joy class that people express their lives in their own way is not very good. When human beings become the "masters" of nature, all problems are left with human problems. People are enemies, but people have never won in war against people. Many people die, for the riddled civilization, because the skin color and bloodlines ruin the alien. They happily betrayed the same kind, completely forgetting the equality of life under the sun. Power tries to control the people. People are guilty of freedom of thought and speech Newport 100 Carton, and more people sacrifice for freedom and equality. We will not understand what is entrusted to the gods, but religion has become the reason for the party to slash Buy Cheap Cigarettes. We are entangled in desire, want to take everything for ourselves, and completely forget that the earth is the last Noah's Ark of all life. Lonely humans search for traces of life outside the earth. On the other side of the world, there are still many people who cannot enjoy the right to education Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, and life is full of achievements. Therefore, beauty is not absolutely present, and beauty and ugliness always go hand in hand. But as long as there is a pursuit of good, the good will have a source.
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