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The Chargers Aren’t Actually That Interested in Antonio Gates In the wake of Hunter Henry’s devastating ACL injury on the first day of offseason team activities Youth Mike Williams Jersey , it was prognosticated that the Chargers would have no choice but to bring back tight end Antonio Gates. That was two months ago.Gates remains unsigned and, largely, uncourted by any NFL teams.The Chargers have been the only team that has given any indication of interest in Gates’ services.These comments, however, might have been smoke without fire.Antonio Gates is a Chargers legend.He has fans and he has records, and the Chargers would not be so tone deaf as to not comment on his possible return to the team.In June, team GM Tom Telesco wrote the following during a live chat on statement was a perfect blend of ego-brushing and non-commitment, the kind that GMs are hired for and expected to excel at to keep rumors alive but agents wondering.There have been a few more comments, very much identical in substance and tone, but no real news has hit regarding the Chargers tight end plans for 2018.Make no mistake— the Chargers need help at TE.Hunter Henry was their future and their current plan, and those plans just received a nasty ACL monkey wrench to mess up the works.However, if we step back and look a little , this might actually be the Chargers being prudent.Antonio Gates is a legend, but legends are told after the fact.Gates has been largely a non-factor through his most recent 2-year contract.He received about 5.5 million per year through that extension, or $10,036 per yard in 2016 and $17,207 per yard in 2017.Signing Antonio Gates is only helpful in adding a little bit more depth to a stressed position and selling more merchandise at the team store.With a current cap room at 8.5 million, the Chargers actually have the upper hand.They could give Gates whatever it is that he is asking for— no doubt that the Bolts are negotiating more toward the veteran minimum of just over 1 million for a player of his stature.Gates is no doubt aiming closer to his last payday; I would assume around 4 million.It’s become a game of chicken, very much in the spirit of what the Steelers are experiencing with their star RB’s franchise deal.The difference is that the Chargers have a whole lot more flexibility, as their entire offense does not center around this hole in the TE chart.As the clock ticks down toward the regular season, one of the sides will blink.I’m sure that the Chargers would love to have Gates back for 1 or 2 million—that’s basically a steal.Antonio Gates will have to decide if the toll on his body is worth playing at a discount compared to what he’s used to.- Jason “Tight Pockets” MichaelsSurge or Static: Have a day, Rookies! Man, does it feel good to write this up following a win, and after a pretty solid one Joe Barksdale Jersey , at that.The Chargers came out and, at least in the first half, did what everyone expected of them. Putting up four touchdowns and strolling into halftime with a 28-6 lead that they would never relinquish. We are only two games into the 2018 regular season and the Chargers’ rookie class has already exceeded most people’s short-term expectations. On a defense full of play-makers, it seems like the only ones making splash plays have been the newest of Chargers up to this point.Are you a fan of foreshadowing? Because if so.....SurgedS Derwin James / LB Uchenna Nwosu / LB Kyzir WhiteHoly Shmoley...did you guys see what these rookies did on Sunday?If you didn’t let me throw out the dirty stats for you:White - 4 total tackles, 3 passes defensed (led team), and an interception that helped shut down Buffalo’s late momentum.Nwosu - 3 total tackles, a tackle-for-loss, and his first career sack which came after he logged just two snaps against the Chiefs in week one.James - 8 total tackles (led team), a sack (leads the team with two) , and a pair of tackles-for-loss.If you throw on the tape, you would actually see several plays where James should have had another sack or two. In the first quarter, James penetrated so fast on a blitz that he tackled Bills quarterback Josh Allen before he had a chance to hand off to LeSean McCoy. Due to the play being a run by design Authentic Casey Hayward Jersey , James was only credited with a tackle-for-loss.Later in the game, James and Nwosu committed a rookie blunder at the same time as they both whiffed on a “gimme” sack of Allen.Although this play might incur some cringes from the audience, it luckily didn’t define their play on Sunday.Overall, it was a stellar performance from this rookie trio. Both the coaching staff and fan base should excited as hell about these guys, regardless of how small the sample size is.WR Mike WilliamsAlthough he had just two targets against the Bills, Williams did everything he could to maximize his limited opportunities.On his first catch of the game, Williams caught his first touchdown of his career. The play, as we would later find out, was drawn up specifically for Williams when the team got into the red zone. Williams pulled in a beautiful pass by Philip Rivers, holding on to the ball while getting smashed between two Buffalo defenders before he hit the ground. For fans, this was exactly what everyone has been waiting to see from last year’s first-round pick.His second and last target of the day was a catch for a first down where Williams lost his helmet due to contact, showing once again what he can do with his large Youth Melvin Ingram Jersey , powerful frame.StaticMelvin Gordon (as a runner)CALM DOWN!I made this one highly-specific because there weren’t really a ton of poor performances in this game for the Chargers but it’s still a large enough problem that can’t be ignored.For what I believe to be the first time in their time together, Austin Ekeler received more carries than Gordon in a game. Also, in what shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, Ekeler was once again much more efficient with his carries as he took his 11 carries for 77 yards while Gordon managed just 28 yards on nine carries. Take out his touchdown run of 20 yards and Gordon averaged just one yard per carry.Thankfully, due to his elevated prowess as a receiver and his nose for the endzone, Gordon was able to doll-up his performance against the Bills but those who dig deeper will still uncover a problem that Gordon hasn’t been able to shake, even in his fourth year as a pro.DT Brandon MebaneMebane’s place under “Static” is not so much for his performance taking a step back, but for the fact that it’s been far too long since he showed any signs of taking a step forward. Week after week the observations and comments about Mebane’s play remain roughly the same.“He gives up ground far too often.”“He can’t hold his ground anymore.”“He offers no penetration.”Over and over these statements are recyled and I can’t help but think “the writing is on the wall” for the veteran. Mebane’s poor performance is only highlighted by the elevated play of the youngsters around him. This year’s third-round pick, defensive tackle Justin Jones, flashed the ability to collapse the pocket and create pressure up the middle.Who else do you guys think surged forward with their play on Sunday? Who do you think stayed static, or even took some steps back? Let’s talk about it. Custom Buffalo Bills Jerseys
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