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When I was very young, my father told me a story about Christmas. It was a wonderful story! Whenever Christmas arrives, I will get a beautiful gift, so I hope that Christmas will come sooner than other festivals. I still remember that whenever I tell them that Santa Claus is giving me a gift, they are always slightly A smile. a certain year of Christmas, because I really want to know what Santa Claus looks like, I secretly sleep on Christmas Eve. On a deep night, I heard someone pushing the door and knowing that Santa Claus was coming to give me a gift. At the time when Santa Claus was going out, I opened my eyes and went to him. As a result, I didn't see Santa Claus, but the back of my father. He was holding a flashlight and was lightly preparing to go out. Until that moment, I realized that many years of Christmas gifts were sent by my father and mother, and Santa Claus is just a legend.his year's Christmas is coming Marlboro Gold. I used my pocket money saved on weekdays to buy a Christmas hat, Christmas boots, Christmas sticks, and I am going to dress myself up as a 21st century Christmas boy. In this Christmas, change me. When I am Santa, give gifts to my mom and dad.king forward to Christmas coming soon, I think this Christmas will be a very meaningful experience.e flies for a long time. The familiar scene appeared in the was Christmas, and it was the last Christmas I had with my former classmates Newport Cigarettes Price.Christmas Day, a classmate told me that he said, "Linzi, I am a very good friend with you, right?" I stunned. I don't know why she was so sad when she was laughing and joking. I did not answer her directly Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but gently touched her brain and asked, "You have no fever?" No, do you curse me? "No, no, of course not. How come?" You are my iron buddy! "" Well, you haven't answered my question yet! "" You are my buddy! "After I finished, I smiled a little. Sensitive Cheap Cigarettes, I caught the sorrow of sadness in her eyes. I said to her, "Sweet, you have something to glare at me!" "Well, Linzi, you guessed it, I have to transfer." "She is slightly sad in her plain tone. He doesn't want to be separated from me!" Sugar, don't cry, let's have a farewell party for you! ""Ok. "At this time, she was docile like a little sheep. I don't know what happened. I always insisted that I couldn't help but cry because of my sugar. Maybe it was affected by me, and the sugar cried." has passed for a long time, long time.the evening, I arrived at the class on time and the classmates arrived. There was a kind of smile on their faces that had never been relaxed. I was shocked for a moment. How could they laugh? Is it too nervous for me?ust when I was puzzled, Sugar opened up: "Students, we are still reading together!" I suddenly realized that the smiling faces of the students are because the sugar is not gone!ate delicious food and talked about it late at nightn the time goes by Cigarettes For Sale, the friendship between me and the sugar is never lost. We laughed and laughed together and experienced various difficulties. At that Christmas, I realized joy and friendship.
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